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Incubus TalesIncubus TalesIncubus Tales
by Hushicho
Updated Tuesday and Friday

Follow the fun and hilarious adventures of Incubus shopkeeper Dhiar and his friends, as their escapades take them all around the universe of possibilities.

Praying for ObsolescencePraying for ObsolescencePraying for Obsolescence
by Tsutsumi
Updated Saturday

Intrigue abounds aboard a hijacked ship when space swashbuckler Xandyr must save his dear Jeri and solve a mysterious murder.

Wildly FeralWildly FeralWildly Feral
by Tsutsumi and Pheonlick
Updated Thursday

A band of human-animal hybrids venture to stop an evil force threatening all they know and love.

by Hushicho
Updated Regularly

A sexy vampiress and her best friend find themselves in all kinds of wild adventures! An affectionate homage to the Italian comics of the 70s. Come join the fun!

Bedtime Dhiar
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