Journal of N-fans: Lisa’s Mental Logs


Mission  #2: N-Teams


Day Unknown



About Noon-ish in Mid-August…I think


“Mmmmwoooooooohhhhh…” My head…my poor aching head…it throbs soooo bad… “I really need some Tylenol…” Ow…ow…should I stop rubbing the throbbing spot to make the pain go away…?

“Hey, are you okay?”

My eyes flicker open…to see a pair of red eyes…and black armor…yet it’s not Forte…

“…Bass?” My vision’s clearing now as I glance around. “Where…where are we?”

“Moore’s place, I guess. He got us trapped in these holding capsules.”

Come to think of it, I was kinda wondering why everything was still just a little fuzzy. Shaking off the last effects of the blast, I get to my knees before resting my spinning head. “How long have we been here?”

“Dunno. But I think it might have been a good week or so, according to my internal body clock.”

A week?!” Oh, man! That means that Moore’s gone totally Commandant on VideoLand by now! Oh, man! Oh, man! “Oh, man! We have got to get outta here!” Whoa, there! Bad move jumping to my feet like that. Now my head’s doing spins again. “Whoah…”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just a little dizzy from the attack.” From the way she’s nodding, I’m betting that she was a bit dizzy herself when she woke up. “When did you wake up?”

“’Bout 10…15 minutes ago. Been trying to arrange things inside my head since then.”

Makes sense, I guess. Yet…where’s our captor?

“Ahh, so you’re awake at last!”

Me and my big brain…

I do not like how Moore’s starting to eye me like a side of prime beef. “At last, the moment of victory is at hand!” Oh, brother! Here comes the typical villainous gloating…I wish I can toggle my ears on and off, but this might be important...I hate these types of gloating! “Now that I have you, his girlfriend, Blair will run right into my trap.”

…What the hell?

“Wait a minute! I’m not Chris’ girlfriend!”

“Of course you are! You’re Lina Inverse!”

WTF?!?Lina?! I’m not Lina!” Since when did Mark Moore get into anime?! Wait…he must’ve confused me with Chris’ new girlfriend, who said that she would appear at that one con as Lina from Slayers!

Commandant no baka!!

“I’m Lisa! L-I-S-A!” Yes, I’m literally spelling it out for him!

…And that’s supposed to be a joke.

“…You’re not Lina?!?!”

“DUH!!!” I’m actually sticking my tongue out at him! “Hentai no Atama Moore no baaaa-kaaa! Pheh! No wonder you suck at anime! You can’t even keep your contacts straight in real-life, much less the characters in many series!”


Whoah! That voice…it doesn’t sound like Moore at all. For one, it’s deeper…and hollow…and very, very creepy! And his shadow’s…changing?

“It doesn’t matter, though,” Mark goes on, back to his normal voice. “Blair will come.”

“Damn right he will, and no trap of yours will stop him!”

“Oh, how wrong you are!” Moore counters. “The trap I’ve set is so perfect, even Link can’t get through it!”

“What is it with your obsession with Blair?!” I huffed agitatedly.

“It’s not obsession! It’s revenge!!” Whoah! Now, his eyes are glowing red! And…his voice is really creepy now… Please hurry, Chris-kun!


“Okay, Moore! Game Over for you!”

Chris!Yes! Thank you, Lord! Thank you! And he’s in a custom sprite, too! Hee hee…now he can use his lil spells--if he hasn’t already…

“What the hell? You’re not Blair!” Gee! Umm…blonde hair, blue eyes, could easily pass as Squall from FFVIII in that outfit…yep! It’s Blair all right! Looks like you’re the weakest link this time, Mark!

“The smeg I’m not!” You tell ‘em, Chris!

“You can’t be Blair! Blair looks like Link!” Hello! He got a custom sprite now!!

“I changed my appearance when I went to a con.” And we are soooo glad that you came back from it in time to save our butts!

“Be that as it may… Wait a minute! How did you get past my trap?”

“I used Levitation.”

“Go, Chris!” And here I am, grinning like some foolish girl who’s being rescued by her hero…and no, I am not falling for Chris! He’s just a very good friend!

You can use magic?!DUH!!!! Chris Blair going CN64 + custom sprite = him using Dragon Slave on yor frickin’ ass!

“Mark, release Lisa and Bass now, or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else you’ll be in more pain than you ever imagined before.” Uh, oh. When he narrows his eyes like that…I just hope that Moore have made out his final will.

“Chris Blair, you have no idea who you are dealing with.” Why are my hackles up…and why do I have that sinking feeling in my stomach that signals something bad brewing around here?

“Moore, stop being an idiot,” Chris snaps at him. “You’re going back to Earth.”

Uh, Chris…I think you should look behind him…and check his eyes and voice…

“You are wrong, Chris Blair. I am not Mark Moore.”

“What the hell are you--hey, what is that thing?” You’ve read my mind, Chris…and right now…I’m getting really scared!

“I am he who brings Darkness to Light. I am the Conqueror of Time and Space.” Moore just collapsed! And that creature behind him…

Oh, no…no! It can’t be!

“I am he who is known as--“

Ganon!!” I really hoped you brought that Sword of Light, Chris!

And there’s lightning all around us…wait! The force fields holding us are down!

Bass! Lisa! Run!!

“But, what about--“

“Chris knows what he’s doing,” I told Lady Bass. “Now, let’s go!” I can’t help but glancing over my shoulder one last time…there’s some kind of spacial distortion going on behind us…I think I see Chris and Ganon in the middle of it, but I’m not sure…

Good luck, Chris…I know you may not survive…but at least we’ll always remember you…





Okay…we’ve been running for several minutes now…

“I think we’re safe,” I state as I slowed down to a stop.

“Are you sure?” Lady Bass seems concerned. I don’t blame her. “What about Chris? Will he be…?”

I shake my head. “I’m not sure… However…his sacrifice won’t be forgotten.” Hold back the tears, girl. You can cry when you’re with Doc-kun again…

Bass’s hand is on my shoulder. She’s…smiling? “He’s a close friend, isn’t he?”

“Yeah…” I…I really miss him…I feel that he’s…not here anymore…oh, god! I think I’m gonna—

Hold on! What’s going on? We’re…teleporting? But where—

Ah…we’re back at home base! And there’s Doc and Mike!

“It worked!” Mike grinned.

“Wait a minute! That’s not Chris!” Doc pointed out, gesturing towards the comatose being next to me. “That’s Mark!!”

Doc…he spoke…he’s in front of me…

Doc!!” Ohh…he’s real…he’s truly real! It feels so good to wrap my arms around him again…to smell his personal scent… “Oh, I missed you sooo much!”

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Lisa.” He’s hugging me…I never felt so glad to be hugged by him! “What happened?”

Oh, god…the inevitable question… “Oh, it was horriblleeeeee…” And here I am, wailing into my one love’s shirt…

“What happened to you girls?” Mike asked Lady Bass.

I’m too busy sobbing over what had happened to listen to my companion’s POV of today’s events, but I’m sure that she’s explaining the basic details to them.


…Okay, I think I’m done crying now.

“You okay?” Doc’s voice is so soft and soothing…just the kind of voice I want to hear right now…

Sniffling, I nod. And…whoops! “Er…sorry, about the shirt.” Boy, are my cheeks red!

“It’s okay. It’s not that big. Here.” A handkerchief! Whoever thought that Doc-kun carried one around?

“Thanks.” That’s it, girl; wipe the eyes and a bit of the nose… “I just needed to get that out of my system.”

“I perfectly understand.” I don’t blame him for being sad right now. “I’m not sure if Chris really is gonna come back at all; after all, we’re talking about the Emperor of Evil.” He sighs and shakes his head. “Mike, go ahead and check the girls over. I’m gonna contact N-finity and let him know what happened.”





Oh, god! I never thought that a simple meal of sandwiches and drink would taste so good! Looks like Bass is still hurting from the blast; Moore must’ve seen her as an expendable person. I think the reason why I am not hurting is that I was the main bait for Chris—especially since he mistook me for his girlfriend.

Oh, crap! How are we gonna break it to her?! I mean, I don’t think Chris is really dead, but…I’m not truly sure if he’s ever gonna come back anytime soon…

“Team Blue’s coming in, guys,” Doc joins us.

I nod, and the three of us join Doc as a portal open up… To be honest, I never felt more relieved to see Zero-chan and N again!

“So, what did you call us back here for, Doc?” N-finity asks. “Hey! You got Mark!” Why am I suddenly reminded of AOL with those last 3 words? “Bass, Lisa, Chris: Congratulations on the…wait a minute…something’s wrong here. Bass…Lisa… Where’s Chris? Doc, where the bloody hell is Chris?”

“That’s what I called you here for…”

Where the hell is Chris?

I was afraid of this…





And now, Doc’s done with the explanations.

“So, let me get this right,” N-finity sums it up. “Chris was lost in some spacial distortion when Ganon manifested, having possessed Moore.”

I’m sure Bass is shuddering like I am right now…though, I feel a little better after putting my hand in Doc’s own…

“Webster, please be a bit gentler,” Doc pleads, using N’s real name. “They’ve both had quite a lot already.”

“I apologize Bass, Lisa. The insanity of all this has exceeded any expectations that I might have had.”

“What about Chris?” I can’t blame Bass for having a little hope, but…

“Indeed. Doc, I need you to boost the power of the Instant Reset so that you could bring N-fans from Earth to here. Mike, I want you to work on a way to send a N-fan from here to anywhere else.”

“That’ll take at least two weeks, Cap’n!” Someone likes Star Trek…

“You better be a Scotty, Mike. I expect this to be done by tomorrow!”

Tomorrow? Aiyaiyai! I really hope that Mike can pull a Scotty for this one!





I feel so helpless now…I don’t know what to do.

I tried helping out Mike and Doc-kun by getting them some of the items they need, but it turns out that they don’t need anything that’s not within their immediate reach. Then, I tried to see if N-finity needed any help with his plans, but he just told me to go away—several times, actually…

Sigh… Now…I truly do not know what to do…except to just curl up in a corner…

“Hey, you okay?” Zero-chan…she’s sitting down next to me.

“I…” Sigh! “I dunno what to do anymore!” I’m burying my face into my knees…how can I tell her what I feel inside? Sob!

“Hey, we’ll pull thru.” Her arms…are around me? “Doc and Mike will find a way to retrieve Chris without bringing Ganon back. I’m sure of it!” Her smile’s so sweet…so optimistic…I almost hate to make them go away.

“Z-chan, have you ever read Chris’ CN64 stories?”


“Well…Chris is the chosen one…but the reason why Moore went crazy in that universe…is the exact same reason why he went crazy here in VideoLand.”

“…Oh, crap.”

I nod. “In his stories, he comes back…but this isn’t a fanfic. This is reality. I…I’m not sure if he’s even alive…” And the tears start flowing again…

Wha—she’s hugging me! “Shhhh…’Sokay, Li-chan. It’s okay. Just let it all out.”

Li-chan…I haven’t heard that nickname since I left Earth…Kei-chan…B-chan…oh, God! I miss them and my family so much!!

And here I am, wailing away for the second time today. This time, I’m not holding anything back…


…Okay…I think I’m finally done crying for the day…especially since my throat’s now a bit sore.

“Feeling better now?”

Zero-chan, I think you’re my new best friend now.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.” I nod. “Thanks.”

“No problem. We girls gotta stick together, y’know!”

I can’t help giggle at that. “Sou da na…” We stand up, and I suddenly remember a question I’ve been dying to ask her! “Um…Z-chan?”


“Uh…since you’re for Mega Man Yaoi, I was just wondering…do you think Blues and Forte would be a good couple or not?” Yes, I, too, support yaoi, and it is a question I’ve been wanting to ask her!

Though…I don’t think it’s the kind of question she expected. “Are you planning to make them fall in love or something?”

“Ah, no! I mean…Forte will be a bit crazy, but he’ll have the hots for Blues in a fic I’m planning to write when I get back to Earth. But Blues is actually straight, so that poses a bit of a problem. Is that okay? I mean, I trust you since you’re, uh, experienced in those kinds of pairings in that series…” I think my smile’s the corny type instead of the nervous one.

Whew! She’s smiling amusingly. “Well, if you’re planning to let Forte just force himself upon Blues, that’s okay. You might wanna warn people if it’s gonna be a bit graphic, though, okay?”


“Dinnertime, guys!” Dynamo’s tonight cook, so I hope that we get a decent meal. N-finity wanted to do that, but we voted to let the newcomer do it.

Well, I’m gonna have dinner, then probably talk to the others before I head off to bed. Unless something develops that I feel is important, I’ll log it. Otherwise…oyasumi nasai! (Good night!)