Journal of N-fans: Lisa’s Mental Logs


Mission #2: N-Teams


Day 10



August 16, 2001



Hee, hee…my instincts win out again! Ran did not die last night. “Looks like I won, Bass,” I smirk at my companion. “You wanna pay up now, or when we get back home?”

“I’ll…wait until we return to Earth.” I guess that’s a wise choice.

“How goes the construction, guys?” I ask Red as he, Pineapple, and Ran are finishing up their quick little breakfast.

“Pretty good.” Pine swallows the food in her mouth. “We finally got two bars standing, and we’re planning to put a third one on top of it.”

“That’s nice.” Dazzle them with your smile, girl; it’ll definitely annoy them.

“Ah, Lisa! Bass!” Ohhh…there’s Doc-kun right now! “A moment, girls?”

“Of course,” I purr as we both stand up.

Doc leads us away from the group. “Um…this isn’t easy, ladies, but…I have to give you a rather important--and somewhat unpleasant--assignment to do.”

“We’ve been thru some rather nasty stuff already, Neil-kun.” I toss my hair and give him my most confident smile. “What assignment is this?”

“You and Bass have to keep an eye out for Van and Mark until both are awake. When they are, I want you to keep a very close eye on them.”

…He did not say that!

What?! You want us to baby-sit those two?” Exactly how I feel, Bass.

“I know you two aren’t fond of them, but Mike is busy building new things, and I have to keep an eye on Team Silver myself.”

Sigh… “We’ll do it, Neil. But we need to have a little…talk about this later.”

He definitely turned very nervous under my rather stern stare.





And here we are, keeping an eye over Van and Hentai Moore…ugh!

“I can’t believe that he gave us babysitting duty,” Bass complains, “especially with these two!”

“It needs to be done by someone, though,” I rather reluctantly admit. I’m still not very happy about this, though.

“But why us?” Somehow, Bass is starting to sound like she’s whining.

“Hey! Be glad that Neil trusts you enough to guard them with me!” I hate it when people whine, and her doing so doesn’t help with my current mood!

“Uh…” Hold on a sec…

“What’s that suppose to me--“

“Shush!” I stated with a wave of my hand. “Mark’s waking up!”

“Wha…where…” He gazes up at me. “Li-Lina?”

~twitch, twitch~ “It’s Lisa, Mark! L-I-S-A! Lisa! Geeze! Even when you’re not possessed by Ganon, you’re such a twit, Moore!” If anyone truly deserves the full force of my anger right now, it’s our team pervert!

“Geeze, rub it in, why don’t you?” His attitude is really annoying me!


Ugh!” He should grunt after that rather hard kick to the chin!

“Whoah…didn’t know you had a temper!” Seeing Bass’ eyes cooled my temper a little, especially since there’s a major increase of whiteness around them.

“Well, I’m rather upset that Neil of all people gave me this task…and he of all people knows that I’m hardly as innocent on the inside as I am on the outside.” Sigh! “I just wish…he could see into my heart like…like I can see into his soul…”

“You…you love him?”

“…Yes. I love him…with all of my heart…” My feet suddenly doesn’t seem as bothersome as my companion’s scarlet eyes. “Yet…adventurous I am, I…I’m afraid to tell him that…”

A hand…gentle red eyes… “Is he a shy yet sweet kind of guy?”

I nod.

“How old is he?”


Bass seems rather surprised about that. “I thought he was a slightly mature 20-year-old college kid!”

“He may seem younger, but he is a college student, and he is much more mature than half of his colleagues. At least he thinks more with his brains than with his dick.” …Wait a minute! “I have no idea where that came from!” My cheeks must be redder than Santa’s by now.

“It’s okay. I mean, Moore’s in college, and look how he thinks!”



“There, that should keep him from making any more interruptions!” I grin as I wipe my foot on the grass.

Bass checks Mark over. “You didn’t break anything, so Neil shouldn’t be too upset about it…”

It’s so nice to share wicked grins with a reliable friend!

We sit down on the grass as the wind picks up a bit. “When exactly did you meet Doc?”

“May of ’99. I was wrapping up my sophomore year of high school when I stumbled across Moore’s message board. I read Doc’s post and…well, the way he described himself as an anime-loving, game-playing ‘doctor’ of sorts really caught my eye…” Cheeks are hot again… “I was only 15 back then, so I was a bit naïve when it came to true love…especially with my reply towards him.”

“What did you say?”

Major blush time! “I…I told him that he was my soulmate.”

Bass blinks. “You’re kidding!”

“Nope. I actually said that. Mind you, his description of himself matched mine when it comes to our interests and…well, it kinda went to my head. Surprisingly, Neil-kun actually blushed when he replied back. As far as I know, I’m the very first girl to view him as someone who’s more than a regular friend.”

“He’s that shy?”

I nod. “To be truthful, I don’t think he never even got a kiss from a young girl in his entire life.”

“You mean, he’s a true virgin?”

Somehow, that struck me as rather hilarious. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard someone describe him being that way before!” I wipe away a few tears of laughter as I calm down a bit. “Yes, Neil’s a virgin, which, considering his age, is a rarity in itself for the typical modern day college guy. He’s also a sweet gentleman with a very good sense of humor, a good writer, and an adequate artist. He’s really into anime like I am though he’s only seen the dubs of his series. And yet…when he changes into the Golden Ninja Werewolf…he’s so brave and courageous… His eyes glow in the moonlight, and his golden fur looks so soft and golden…I just wanna run my hands thru it and…groom him…” Sigh…

“Y’know, for someone who claims to not be Blair’s girlfriend, you’re a hopeless romantic.”


“Baka hentai,” I mutter as I look at the now unconscious Moore, noticing the concussion that my fist created.

“Has Neil done anything out of pure concern?” Bass asks as I sit back down.

“Well…he did hug me unexpectantly before we left to seek out Moore last week…and he’s not the kind of guy who hugs people out of the blue. And he did seemed rather relieved when he brought us back from Skull Fortress…”

“Then it’s obvious that he really likes you, too.”

“You think so?”

“I’m positive about it.”

J “Hmm…perhaps you’re right…”





Bass and I have talked about a lot of things: Fashion, family, friends, schools…and even how Bush cheated his way into the Oval Office. To be honest, I’m very glad to have someone to talk to about all kinds of things, especially since we’re still in a strange land far away from Earth. And now…we talk about yaoi pairings and the reason behind them.

“I still say that Rock should be Forte’s lover! After all, they’re total opposites, and—“

“Forte’s built to kill Rock,” I point out to my friend. “Now, Blues on the other hand, is a more reasonable choice. He’s older, smarter, and more skilled in fighting. Plush, he’s able to see the entire story, and thinks twice before choosing any sides. I think Blues would be a better partner for Forte.”



Goth Girl! Who do you still torture me so?!?



“No problem!” Bass smiles.

“Ah, hello, ladies.” Ahhhh, here’s Doc! I was wondering when he was gonna fetch us for lunch! “Er, you girls are fine here?”

“Oh, we haven’t had much trouble with these guys.” I jerk a thumb over my shoulder to our two KO-ed charges.

“Well, that’s good. Listen, I’m going to take Team Silver with me to help them with their mission, and I was wondering if you two would like to come along.”

We look at each other.

“Who’s gonna watch over them?”

“Mike will.”

“Then, it’s settled! We’ll help out after we fill our bellies!” I grin happily.



7:10PM Mansion Standard Time


Hmmm…so, this is the famous Maniac Mansion. Interesting!

“Okay, everyone,” Doc speaks up as we all step out of the warp, “you have your instructions. Come on, let’s rescue Sandy!” Huh?! “I mean…err…”

“Wander around and let those devices record data, right?” Thanks for reminding him of the reason why we’re here, Red-kun.

“Right. Everyone, just wander around and try to get to every room of the house. I’ll feed the data collected into the computer back at the—I’m suddenly feeling very strange…”

Wait a sec…if it’s night…and there’s no nearby lamps…why do we have light to see each other?

Oh…my… “Doc! I just noticed! There’s a full moon!” I point at the said object.

“Oh, damn,” Neil mutters as he glances up at the moon. And he’s changing…into…ooooohhhhhhh…

WOLFIE!!” I grin very happily.

“Well…that was fun,” my one true love comments. “Let’s get going, shall we?”

“Doc…you’re a…a werewolf.” N-Now that I think of it…I don’t think the others ever heard about Wolfie’s little monthly changes.

“Are…are you sure this is…normal?”

“Of course!” I smile at Bass. “It’s just something in his blood that got unlocked a few seasons ago, and he’s never really lost control of himself in this form.”

“If you say so…”

Red, thankfully, seems to be coming to his senses. “Okay, Doc, how do you want us to split up?”

“It all depends on if you think you could handle yourself.”

“Definitely, Doc.”

“Then, there will be three teams.” Where have we heard that before! “Red and Pineapple, I want you to cover the first and second floors of the mansion. Bass and Ran, I want you to cover the basements and the areas outside of the mansion. Lisa and I will explore the upper floors. Come back here as soon as you’re finished. Let’s go.”

Wait…did he say…that he and I…will be…alone with each other?

Snap out of it, girl! We got a mission to do! You can do what you wanna do with him later!

“I hope that they do alright,” Doc was saying as he leads the way. “Putting you and I together weakened the other groups.”

“I know, Wolfie, so do I.”





“You what?” I yelp as Wolfie and I stroll thru the corridors.

“I gave them the more slower devices.”

“It wasn’t very nice of you to give them slower devices…”

“True, but I wanted to be able to do this at a more leisurely pace.”


“And what?”

Sigh! “And was there any specific reason for doing that?” I demand.

“If my memory serves my correctly, yes, there was.” He stops.

I stop, too, and place my hands on my hips. “Well, what was it?”

“Come on, we’re near it.”

Eh? “Near what, Wolfie?”

“Just a minute more and you’ll see, Lisa.” He starts walking down the hall again.

Hmmm…I wonder what he wants to show me…





An astronomy room…wow!

“Give me a sec…” Doc adjusts the huge telescope. “There! Step right up!” He’s grinning like a schoolboy…hmm…I’ll humor him.


“Look thru the lens, Lisa. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Gasp!! Oh my god…I’ve seen photos that Dad downloaded from NASA’s website, but…to see such a thing with my own two eyes…

“Oh, Doc! I’ve never seen such beauty before… It’s so lovely…” I’ll never, ever forget this sight, for as long as I live!

“It truly is, Lisa. Come, let’s go. The devices should be done collecting by now.”

“Oh…okay.” Let me just take one last look…just to burn it into permanent memory.

Doc just showed me a one-in-a-lifetime thing…all because he simply wanted to do so. And he doesn’t seem to want anyone else to view it with us…


My companion closes the door behind us. “Yes, Lisa?”

I take his hand into my own. “Thank you…for showing me that wonderful sight.”

He’s smiling, albeit shyly. “You’re welcome…” His eyes are so soft…they look like they’re reflecting candlelight in them…I like it.

Wait…he’s letting go of my hand?

“C’mon, let’s go join the others.”

…Oh, yeah… “Oh…of course…”

What just passed…does this mean…he loves me? Like I love him?



5:19PM VideoLand Standard Time


Well, we’re back with the others, and--hey! It’s Web and Phoenix! They’re back, too!

“Hello, Doc.”

“Hi, Webster.”

“Hiya, Phoenix!”

“Hey-lo, Roll-Lisa!”

~giggle~ Good ol’ Phoenix, as silly as always…

“Did you actually leave Mike all alone with Van and Mark?” N-finity asks Doc-kun.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, God,” Pineapple speaks up. “They didn’t escape, did they?”

O_O Nani~~?!

“No, I’m just amazed that you did that.” Whew! You had me worried for a sec, N! “Oh, Doc,” Web adds, “I need to talk to you about something…privately.”

Now, what?

“Yes, what is it?”

“Well…let’s go a bit away from here, first. I don’t want to talk about this in front of the others.”

Meanie!” You’re absolutely right, Phoenix-kun!

“What’s wrong with us, Web?” Ran quips.

“It’s nothing personal. C’mon, Doc. Let’s go.”

And they’re walking away from us…dang it! I wanted to spend some more quality time with Neil-kun!

Meanie!!” Our local summoner yells at his boyfriend.

“Why won’t he talk about it around us?”

Red shrugs. “I have no clue, Ran.”

~pout~ ~pout~ Hnnnnnnnnnnn…I wanna spend private time with Neil-kuuuuuuuun…

“What’s with you?” Pine asks me.

Sigh! “Nuthin!” Just walk away from them so that I can pout alone…





Well, if Neil-kun ain’t gonna pay a whole lot of attention to me after what just happened, then I will do the same to him! So, here I am, chatting away with all four girls as Z-chan chops veggies for dinner while deliberately not even thinking about looking at our local ‘doctor’ the entire time.

“You’re rather pensive this evening,” Dynamo finally points out. “What’s wrong, Lisa?”

Sigh… “It’s nothin’, D…”

“Really?” I forget how deep Z-chan can go when she analyzes people’s moods. “C’mon, Li-chan. It’s just us girls. N and Doc are still talking, and Red and Ran are keeping an eye on Moore, Van, and Zabgoth. So, what’s bugging ya?”

Sigh!! “It’s Neil! He showed me the most beautiful view of the galaxy when we were at Maniac Mansion, and then, when we came back, he suddenly went off to talk with Webster alone! It’s like he totally forgot what had recently happened between the two of us!!” I cross my arms unhappily.

Pineapple raises an eyebrow. “Are you actually jealous that he’s spending private time with Web instead of you?”

What?!Pineapple!! Web’s got Phoenix! Besides, Neil-kun’s straight! I should know—I’ve been ‘round him since ’99!”

Zero sighs and tosses the veggies into the soup pot. “Let me guess—you’re in love with him.”

~blush~ “Yeah…I am…big time, actually.” I shrug. “I guess I’ve always loved him, even though I hadn’t really seen him in person before this summer.”

“Does he know yet?”

“He might have a few inklings, and…well, I think he loves me, too.”

“How? He tried to feel your bottom in a hug once?”


“Sheesh! I was just joking!”

Okay, deep breath, girl… “Sorry. It’s just that…Neil’s a total virgin. Hell, he hasn’t even been kissed on the lips by another girl yet, much less got laid!”

Seems like Pineapple, D, and Z-chan didn’t expect to hear that.

“You mean…he’s that much of a geek?”

I shake my head. “Nope. He’s just really shy when it comes to being more than friends with girls. In fact, he’s been shy all his life; it’s just been slowly wearing away over the last few years or so.” What else should I say…? “Neil’s a really nice guy, as you all know, but if he has a pervert, it’s buried deep inside—in a locked and sealed cell, most likely. He’s very honest, courteous, and quite intelligent. He also looks mighty fine as Wolfie…” Mmmmmmm… Wolfie-chan…

“Wolfie?” Zero echoes amusingly.

Whoops! I almost forgot that they don’t know that! “It’s my nickname for his wolf form.” I think their giggling is making me blush harder…

“Sokay, Lisa,” Pineapple puts a hand on my shoulder. “We understand.”

“Hey, is that soup suppose to boil over like that, Zero?” Bass speaks up.


I’d better help Zero save our dinner if I wanna eat right tonight…