Journal of N-fans: Lisa’s Mental Logs


Mission #2: N-Teams


Day 9…I think



August 15, 2001



The sun rises up, just like nothing bad has happened. The birds are chirping like normal, and the wind is just blowing away.

Yet, Chris is still gone, and unless, by some great miracle of God, we bring him back…there’s no way we can ever replace him. In fact, I highly doubt that anyone could take the place of our beloved Game Master. He was a leader, a true N-fan…and my friend. I’ll never forget him, as long as I live…

“Hey, Lisa! What’cha writing ‘bout?” Zero-chan and Lady Bass are sitting down next to me on the soft grass. Ever since this entire thing started, Z-chan has become my new best friend, while Bass and I have come to be good comrades. To be honest, I’m glad I have these two gals to talk to in this crazy dimension known as VideoLand.

“A poem called ‘Ode to N,’” I told them as I finished the last few lines on a spare sheet of paper Doc-kun happened to have. “It’s my little tribute to our adventures together…and my way to salute Chris for being a true hero.” Sigh…

“Doc and Mike will find a way to get Chris back, right, Zero?” Bass, for a girl whose form is that of Forte, you’re as optimistic as Doc-kun sometimes. That’s one thing I admire you for.

Zero nods. “Hn! I’m sure we’ll find a way to pull Chris out of that distortion somehow.”

“Hey, guys!” Ah, there’s Dynamo, heading our way! All three of us stand up as the newcomer reaches the top of the hill. “Mike and Doc got the teleportation stuff ready to beam down the new N-fans. N-finity wants all of us to be there to greet them.”

All of us gals instantly decide to go with him to rejoin Doc-kun, N-finity, and Mike J. around home base.





Yes, I know I could have used my Warp Zone Shifter, but Moore had actually taken that away from me when he captured me. For all I know, it could still be in Skull Fortress, or whatever base that perv held us at when we woke up yesterday.

Yesterday…I still get shivers when I remember what had happened less than 20 hours ago… I only hope that Chris has found some way to keep Ganon from causing trouble to anyone for a while!

Ahh, there’s the guys! They’re getting ready to teleport new people from Earth to join us. I wonder if any more members of the forum will arrive…

“Ah, ladies! You’re just in time to greet the new arrivals!” Gee, I wonder why N’s grinning like that…could it be that his koibitou (boyfriend) could be part of the group? And yes, N-finity is gay…and dang proud of it, too! If you don’t like it, tough! That’s your problem, not his or mine!

“I’ve located 3…no, all four subjects,” Doc stated.

“Good. Bring them in, Doc!”

Ohhh, this is so exciting! And…OMG!!! It’s Red and Phoenix! And Ran!!! I had no idea that he’s an N-fan! And that last person…I think that might be the Pineapple gal Zero mentioned last night, but I’m not sure…

“Wha…where the--Lisa? Web? Doc?” I don’t blame you for being confused, Red.

“Welcome to VideoLand,” N greets them. “All your questions will soon be answered.”

“They better be, N-chan.” Yes, Phoenix is a guy as well. So what if they are a couple? That don’t bug me much!

“Umm…just one question--will I get killed here?” Ah, yes! Ran is very famous for dying more often than Kenny from South Park.

“As far as I know…it depends. If we’re careful, however, you probably will die like only once or twice, at least.”

“Oh, okay!” I can’t blame Ran for having that wide a grin, to be honest…





“…And I have called you four here to help us out,” N-finity finishes his rather windy explanation. To be honest, I’m kinda wondering what happened to Lalala’s group myself…

“So, Chris was lost to Ganon?” ~twitch~ Must you put it that way, Red?

“That’s what we’re gonna find out, Red,” N states. “Red, Ran, Pine and Lisa: I want you to come with me.” Oh, no…not back to there! “Phoenix, hon, I want you to stay with Zero and Dynamo…hey! Where are you, P-chan?”

P-chan? ~giggle~ I didn’t know you were into Ranma as well, N!

Rowr!” Ahhh, there he is--glomping N-finity from behind! LOL!!!

AAAHHHH!!! P-chan! Scared…me…”



“Yes, I love you, too, P-chan, but I have to go rescue Chris now.” N grins as he hugs Phoenix. “Zero and Dynamo will be under your command while we’re gone, okay?”


Wait a sec… “We’re going back?!

“I know it may be tough, Lisa, but we really need to find out what happened to Chris. And since Bass is injured…”

Sigh… “All right…but only because you need solid proof…”

A hand on my shoulder…Red’s hand… “It’s okay, Lisa. We’re with you all the way!” Pineapple and Ran are nodding in agreement.

Pine and Ran…Red…Webster… “Minna…arigatou…”





Whoah…teleporting across worlds is a very weird feeling…

And…we’re back…right where I last found Chris. Yet…where’s the disturbance?

“Lisa, is this where you encountered Ganon?”

“Yes, I think so.” Yet somehow…I no longer feel any depression. It…it’s almost as if…I can feel Chris’ presence here!

What the…

“What’s that light?” I think you just spoke for us all, Red.

Fool! …Die here…matter…time…free again!

Oh, God…it can’t be! “Webster, that’s Ganon’s voice!”

Wrong…making…never return!

“And that’s Chris’ voice!” Web gasps.

Music to my ears!! He is alive!!! I can almost cry with joy!

…Human…bring you…death!

Something…learned…myself!” The light’s getting brighter…what’s going on? Why is my heart sinking again? “I’m…more…human!

“Will someone please tell me what’s happening?” Ran asks.

“Guys, whatever that thing is, I think we’d better get outta here!” Web’s opening up a portal out of this world this very moment.

“Hey!” Ran cries out as I grab his arm. “What are you--“

“Making sure that you don’t die!” I most certainly don’t want him dying so soon!



Ohhhh…my head…

Where…where are we? Everything’s so…disoriented…what happened? I…I remember that we entered the portal…then…that light hit us… Oh, man…I hope we’re not in Purgatory!

“Webster, is this normal?” Red asks.


“Are we gonna make it thru wherever this is?”

“I sure as hell hope so!” N-finity replies. “This is too disoriently for me to be able to stand it much longer!” Somehow, I’m not gonna argue with ya on that, N.

“Why is everyone around me turning but not moving?” That is a very good question, Pineapple.

Now that I think about it… “There must be some sort of distortion in the Time-Space Continuum here,” I tell the whole group.

“Something like that, at least,” Pineapple agrees. “Damn all of this!”

“You know that white thing that I didn’t understand?”


“Well, I think that I do, now. It was a bad thing!” Oh, now Ran decides to say that!

…Okay, it seems that we’ve been here for a while, now. I wonder--and hope--if Doc-kun can even locate us, much less beam us back to home base…what the?

“Look, there’s a warp zone ahead!” Red points out.

“Isn’t that the one you tried to open, Webster?”

“I’m not sure…” N-finity narrows his eyes. “But there’s something wrong with it.”

Now that you mention it, it doesn’t look right somehow…

“Oh, damn.” My thoughts exactly, Pineapple.

“This could be very bad!” My insides wholly agree with you, N!






Ooof!!” Landing on one’s rear is not fun!

Hey! We’re back at Home Base! Thank heavens we landed here!

“Webster! What happened?” There’s Doc right now! And Mike’s following right behind him!

“Something very strange happened,” Web tells Doc.

“We heard Chris…and Ganon.”

What? What is this all about?”

“I think my Warp Zone Shifter has been fried, Doc. We’ll explain as you fix it.”

“No need to fix it: I’ve been working on an upgrade.” Why am I not surprised? J

“Wonderful! Now, where to start…”





“…And then we came out of the warp zone and ended up here,” N finishes explaining what had just happened.

“I’m surprised you made it back as well after all of that.” To be honest, it feels good to just stand next to Doc-kun again…

“So, can Red and I get the new Warp Zone Shifters now?” A little eager, aren’t we?

“Definitely. Just put on one of the bands on the table.” Hey, they look pretty cool! Looks like the guys did a great job! “It should then hopefully work.” You sure, Doc? “Oh, don’t worry. It will work.”

“I prefer more confidence, Doc.”

“So would I.” You’ve read my mind, Red-kun.

N-finity now turns to our main Pokemon trainer. “Red, I hate to do this, but Z, D, Phoenix, and I need to get back to River City. We’ve got a Duck to stop from quacking.”

I almost forgot about that deputy and his little ‘Disco Crew’!

“That was a horrendous joke…but I understand.”

“Doc, I want you to supervise Red and the others,” N turns to Doc-kun. “Tell them where to go, what to do. All in all, I want you, Lisa, and Bass to train them to their fullest.” Me? Help train the Ran? Hell, yeah!

“Gladly done,” Doc replies.

N-finity turns back to Red and his group. “Have fun in VideoLand, Team Silver.” Team…Silver? Hmmm…very interesting! “But be careful as well. VideoLand is not all safe; not all fun and games.” As we have learned the hard way… “Live, Team Silver, and welcome to VideoLand.”


And now, N-finity has gone off to re-group Team Blue so that he could stop Disco from causing any more mayhem, leaving Team Silver under the care of me, Doc-kun, and Bass.

Hold on a sec…

“Hey, I just realize something.”

“What’s that, Lisa?” Bass asks.

“Well, the names of the first three teams--Red, Blue, and Yellow--are the exact names for the first 3 editions of Pokemon! And Team Silver is simply a spin-off of the silver edition of that series!”

“I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll end up with a group called Team Gold.” LOL! Good one, Pineapple!

“All right, let’s get down to business.” Doc clears his throat. “Team Silver, as your first official duty in VideoLand, I have selected one that I have wanted done for a long time myself.”

“What’s that, Doc?”

 “I want there to be a house: a headquarters for N-fans to stay in while they’re here.” Whoah…already?

“And you want us to build it?” Pine asks.



“House building ain’t that bad, Pineapple--at least, when you’re working with a team,” I point out.

“So, what kind of house do you have in mind?” Red inquires.

“Have any of you ever played Maniac Mansion?” I haven’t…but I think Doc’s dreaming up quite a place for us N-fans to stay in!





Red and his gang didn’t eat very much around lunchtime…but they didn’t really do much either…

“What are you watching?” Ah, there’s Lady Bass sitting next to me on this comfy patch of grass.

“Oh, I’m seeing how Team Silver are doing on their house project.” I turn just in time to see them finally getting some sort of bar standing up.

“It’s…it’s standing!” Red declares triumphantly.

“Yay!” ~wince~ Looks like Ran just ruined their hard work…and Pineapple does not look happy about it.

“$10 says that Pineapple kills Ran by tonight.”

“$20 if Ran lives ‘til tomorrow morning.”

“You’re on!”

Somehow, I have a feeling that I might actually win this bet…hmm. I guess we’ll just watch and see!