Journal of N-fans: Lisa’s Mental Logs


Mission #1: Voyage into VideoLand


Day 2



August 7, 2001

8:59AM MegaLand Standard Time


Ahhhh…there’s nothing like waking up on soft flowing grass next to your dream hunk--I mean, my close companion, Doc Arcade. He’s back in his human form, but he looks cute when he’s damp with morning dew. N-finity and Chris are already up and about, cooking up breakfast, and Doc’s just starting to stir a little.

Zero looks might fine this morning, too, what with her long flowing hair and lovely face…ack! I’m not bi! I’m not bi! I’m straight, damnit! Straight!! I love Doc, for crying out loud! And--

I…love…oh, my god…I’ve finally said it! At last, I have freely admitted to myself that I truly love and adore my one true love without any hassles! Oh, happy day indeed!

“Good morning, Lisa,” Doc greets me as he wipes his glasses.

“G’morning, Doc!” I give him my most pleasant smile as I run my fingers thru my semi-wet hair.

“‘Bout time you two woke up!” Chris points out. “Breakfast is almost ready.”

“Yeah!” I leap to my feet in a flash.

“High techcelent!” Doc grinned.

I’ll report back as soon as my tummy’s full.





Yum! I had no idea that Chris could cook so well! ^__^ Remind me to trade recipes with him when we get back to Earth.

And yet…something’s out of place in this so-far perfect day…now, what could it be?

…Oh, no…I know this should be left unsaid, but…

“Has anyone seen Mark?” I speak up as we put out the cooking fire.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Zero adds. I haven’t heard any of his perverted comments since…”

“Oh, damn.” Whoa! I didn’t know that Doc could actually use that word without a second thought!

“Back in Aljiba, right?” N-finity inquires.

“I guess we gotta head back to Castlevania,” I sigh.

“We don’t really have to go get him, do we?” Zero asks glumly.

“Yes, we do. Come on, back to Aljiba.” N opens a portal back to the world of Castlevania.

Sigh! Looks like we’re actually gonna face Drac’s goons for real! I’m starting to respect Simon just as much as I respect Mega-sama now…



10:17PM Castlevania Standard Time


Looks like time really does exist differently in each world after all. Neat-o!

Well, we’ve been looking for him for over an hour now, though. Where on Earth could Moore have run off to? I mean, sure Doc scared him quite a bit as the Golden Ninja Werewolf--saaaa…Doccy so golden fluffy…

Snap out of it, girl! I gotta focus on the here and now! I can drool over Doc’s furry form after we rescue the local hentai! I may hate his guts for flipping my skirt up, but even he doesn’t deserve to be a vamp under Count Dracula’s rule!

Ah, a kind member of the human community who can help us find Moore! “Hey, guys! Ya think that person can help us?”

“We won’t know until we try,” Chris shrugs.

“Excuse me, sir,” Zero tells the stranger, “but did you happen to see a crazy-looking man with long gray hair and a bald spot?”

Man, I really wish Moore truly looked that way in real life!

“Ahh, yes,” the dark-hair local replies. He ran east towards Dracula’s castle. He said something about crumpets and lemons.” Typical ecchi, always mentioning those lemon fics of his…

But wait! He’s heading right for Dracula’s home? He’s nuts! We gotta get him outta there ASAP!

“Thank you, sir!” Zero quickly tells her before we start running off towards the dark palace looming on the horizon.

“And that’s ma’am, not sir!” The informant yells behind us. Whoops.

“Sorry, ma’am!” I yell back over my shoulder. I hope she heard us, even though we’re already far away from her.





Huff! Huff! Man, I’ve never run so far in a long time! After all this is over, I’m gonna vegetate for a full week! And we’re stopping…at a fork in the road?

“Two paths. One up, one down.” I think we can all see that, Doc.

“Lisa, Doc, and I’ll take the high road,” Chris suggests. Heehee, I don’t mind such a pairing…

“And Zero and I’ll take the low road,” N-finity adds.

“And we’ll find Mark Moore together!” We all chorus in unison.

“Are we really this lame?” I joke.

“No, we’re worse,” Zero jokes back.

“If either Zero or I find him, we’ll use our built-in communicators to let the other know, okay?” I tell the group.

“Fine by me.” Zero nods.

“Let’s do this!”

We all lap hands over each other and shout, “Go, N-fans!!” Then, we split up into our own groups. Man, I love this team!





We’ve been looking for Moore for over half an hour now. Even in this form, my voice is becoming a bit hoarse.

“Mark!” Chris yells behinds us.


Moore! Where are you?” You’re not the only one who’s getting impatient, Doc.

“Yo, Mark!” Chris’s last yell echoes down the entire area…and causes a few creatures to stir and head straight for us.

“Umm, Chris…we’ve attracted visitors,” I hesitantly inform the leader of our search party.

“Looks like we’re in for a fight.” No schnikes, Sherlock Arcade!

I kick back a tan-colored being with my right foot. “Doc-kun, if there’s ever a time we need the GNW, it’s now!”

“I’m not sure if I can do it without seeing a full moon…”

“Just do it, Arcade!!” Chris yells as he chops down a lesser vamp.

“Okay!” Doc closes his eyes. I can almost feel him reaching down inside himself, deep into his inner soul to release the wild creature that sleeps inside… Ooohh, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

“I…I can’t!” Doc gasps, sweating a bit.

“Keep trying! You can do it!!”

“Lisa, look out!”

A shriek tears up from my lungs and out of my mouth as a greater vamp, the leader of this little villains’ group, lunges at me, grabs hold of me, and bares his fangs to sink into my neck. I don’t wanna be a robo-vamp! I don’t wanna be any kind of vamp at all!

“Let…me…GO!!!” I yell at the top of my lungs, causing him to release his grip on me a bit. I manage to pull my left arm out of his hold, morph it into my Buster, and charge it up until it’s at Level 5. I aim, shoot…score!! Now, there’s a hole in a roof, and just in time, too--the full moon’s just peaking out of the clouds.

Doc starts to shift--and another evil minion knocks him out!


That’s it! No more Ms. Nice Gal! I leap and kick the baddies away from me as I’m charging up my Buster all the way up to Level 10, and it’s starting to smoke as I points at the head baddie, which is the welcoming committee’s local werewolf. “Here’s looking at you, Fluffy!!”

Ka-BLAM!!!! Whoa!! What a kick! The werewolf was totally fried before it went Blip! All the other creeps are suddenly losing heart, which means that Chris can now finish them off as I check Doc-kun for any serious damage.

“Doc-kun! Speak to me!” I gently shake his shoulders.


“Lisa! A little help here!”

Sigh…a heroine’s work is never done!






“Hold still!

Yep, I’m bandaging up Doc-kun as Chris checks the bodies for any items that we can use, like potions and such. And the moon’s now covered by clouds, so the former can’t morph. Dang it! I wanted to see Doccy all nice and golden furry…

Augh! Focus on the moment, Lisa! You’re fixing up your friend, girl!

“There! Just try and be more careful, okay?” I tell him as I finish tying the final knot on his bandages. He got lucky; the werewolf only scratched him when he knocked him out.

His eyes truly are puppy-dog-brown. They always seem to have that big puppy dog look in them whenever they meet my chestnut brown eyes. He looks so cute without his glasses, and so mature when they’re framed by--

“Are you two lovebirds done yet?”

Eek! “Chris!!” God, my cheeks feel so hot!

“She’s just making sure that I’m okay,” Doc adds as we stand up. Unless my eyes are playing tricks in this semi-low light, his cheeks are a bit red, too…

“Riiiight…now, we’d better get goin’; we gotta find Moore.”

Sigh…of course… Though, I wish Doc-kun and I could be alone for just five minutes…but no, I must stick to duty and find our group pervert before Dracula drains him dry! I just hope I get to hang out at Doc’s home after this is all over…with just the two of us alone…and we’re watching the DVD of Mononoke Hime as the theme song is playing…

Okay, so I got a serious crush on Doc and anime at the same time! Sue me! I’m a teenage fangirl with the hots for the group scientist!





Ugh…my feet and Buster’s killin’ me! We’ve fought a ton of monsters and Death incarnated…I really wish that Alucard would help us… Anyway, we’ve finally arrived at what appears to be Drac’s bedroom.

“This is the last place he could be, come on!” I think we already know that, Chris.

“Hey, guys!” Zero-chan! And N-finity, too! But…

“Where’s Moore?” You’ve read my mind, Chris-kun.

“He escaped in Wily’s saucer.”


“You mean, he’s not on Dracula’s bad side?” I spat in shock.

“I think we got a new problem.” Gee, N, ya think? And here I was, worried that he might become a vamp!

“So, what are we gonna do ‘bout Mark now?” I inquire.

“He’s lost it. I don’t think we can get him back…but we still have to try,” N-finity explains.

“I’m betting he went to Skull Fortress,” Zero speaks up. “I wanted to go there, anyway.”

“Then, I guess we’re going to Skull Fortress,” N quips as he opens a new portal.

I hope it’s still morning in MegaLand. I’d hate to run into robots like Shade Man after what we’ve just gone thru. Ja ne!



11:34AM Angel Land Standard Time


“What the hell?” My thoughts exactly, Zero-chan.

“This isn’t Skull Fortress!”

“It’s Angel Land, Kid Icarus’ world!” I can’t believe it! I only know this land from the show, yet…the scenery from that and the game certainly matches quite well! ^_^

“Another time,” N-finity tells us as he turns back around to open the right portal this time. “We’ve got a Popowski to stop.”

“Popowski?” I thought we were after Moore, not some Russian or East European guy.

“Mark’s original name,” Chris snickers. “Only a very, very few people outside his family knows that.”




11:35AM MegaLand Standard Time


Finally!! We found him--right in the heart of Skull Fortress, too! I’m not surprised…though I don’t see Wily anywhere, since this is his lab…

“No! You can’t catch me!” Oh, please! If we can find you, we can catch you!

“Give yourself up, Moore!” You tell ‘em, Zero!

Never!” Stubborn, aren’t we? Wait…he’s running towards…oh, crap! He’s entering one of Wily’s battle machines! And he’s heading straight for us!

“Holy schnikees!” Doc gasps.

“I have the power! You will be defeated, Mega-twirt!”

Mega-twirt? We’re not Mega Man! Heck, we’re not even the N-Team, for crying out loud!

“He’s really lost it, hasn’t he?” Gee, N, ya think?

“Yep.” Zero nods.

“Want to do the honors?”

“Definitely.” Zero takes out her saber, strikes at Moore’s battle mech (for lack of better terms)…and it explodes with just one swing of her beamsaber?! No way! I wanted a hit at it, too!

“I’m too damn strong for this.” You’re telling me!!

Moore laughs his little evil laugh…and starts floating away in Wily’s saucer?!

“Zero, stop him!” Wha…why aren’t I doing the same thing?

Zero slashes at him, but he’s already out of range.

“Mwahaha…later!” And he’s gone…

“Damn it!” N-finity swears.

“Let’s give it up--we lost him.” I know it sound unlike me, but let’s face it: I can only take so much adventuring for one day. My feet are throbbing, my arm’s aching, and I just wanna go home, shower, and eat a large dinner.

“We have to decide,” N-finity turns to us. “Our mission is nearly over.” That’s right…this mission’s timed. I forgot ‘bout that bit. “Do we go on and try to get Moore…or leave him here?”

“Leave him.”

“Screw him.”

“I’m for giving up.”

“I don’t wanna find him again!” Yes, I said that…

“What about the damage he’ll cause to VideoLand?” Good point…

“VideoLand will be okay,” Neil states.

“N-Team can handle it,” Chris points out.

“It explains Wily,” Zero adds.

“Let Captain N do it.” When I start aching a lot, I get really lazy. It’s an old habit of mine.

“Okay, then. Back to the teleporters.”



11:49AM VideoLand Standard Time


Well, here we are--back at the teleporters. And we’re Moore-less. Strangely…I’m starting to have second thoughts about leaving that guy behind.

“Doc, how are the teleporters doing?” N-finity asks our group scientist.

“Everything appears to be A-OK!”

“Great! Then there won’t be any problems getting back to Earth.”

“Are we going to come back anytime soon?” Good question, Zero.

“Of course. This is just the preliminary mission--the real journey comes next.”

“How so?” Zero continues the conversation.

“No idea. We’ll find something to do.”


And here I am, my eyebrow twitching. “Preliminary? Preliminary?!” I growl at our leader. “You mean, it was all just a test?!?

“Well, a test to see if we can enter VideoLand, move around from world to world, and return to Earth with minimal problems.”

“And you didn’t bother to tell any of us ‘bout it?!”

“Whoa, whoa! Chill, Lisa!” Chris places a soothing hand on my shoulder.

Sigh… “I’m sorry…I’m just tired, aching, and I wanna soak in a nice, long bath. I just thought that this was our first serious mission as N-fans.”

“I don’t blame you,” Zero quips.

“We’re all tired,” N-finity states. “C’mon, let’s head home.”

The rest of us have no arguments ‘bout that.

N-finity hops into his teleporter. “It’s been a life-changing journey… 6 of us came to face the perils of VideoLand…and only five remain. Home, James!”

I think leadership’s starting to get to N. The speech is nice, but… ‘Home, James’? What kind of ending is that?

And a minute has passed by without anything happening.

Damnit!” Our ‘glorious’ leader swears. “What’s wrong?”

“We’ve got incoming!” Doc announced.

Hold on a sec! You mean, more people’s heading our way?

N-finity leaps out of the teleporter just in time as four more people joins up.

“I want food!”

“Me hungee!”


Major sweatdrop time!

“I should have know,” N-finity groans. “Neo N-fans…”

Neo N-fans? Oh, boy…looks like this is gonna be a looong week…