Journal of N-Fans: Lisa’s Mental Logs


Mission #1: Voyage into VideoLand


Day One



August 6th, 2001

12:38 PM EST


My name is Lisa Fitzwater, and this is my mental log of my adventures as an N-Fan.

What is an N-Fan? It’s not ‘what’, but ‘who’. N-Fans are the fans of a video game-based cartoon series that came out in ’89. The show’s called Captain N, and we, the fans, have borrowed that holy symbol of ours to call ourselves a name truly worthy of loyal minions of the almighty Game Master!

Okay, so I can be a bit dramatic at times. You would, too, if you’re also a big fan of anime! (aka Japenese animation)

Anyway, today started off rather pleasant, especially since there’s a break in the heat wave--finally! Doc Arcade, the one man who has caught my eye--and heart--offered a ride to N-finity’s house. The latter have found on a way to actually get to VideoLand, where our great hero, Captain N, lives with his video game pals like Mega Man. Naturally, I accepted my kind companion’s offer, and enjoyed a nice ride in his comfy little car while listening to Doc’s collection of 80s songs on a burnt CD. Ahhh, to be 4 and listening to the old Bon Jovi tunes again…but I digress.

We arrived at N-finity’s house, and were greeted by the man himself as well as our old friend, Chris Blair. ‘N’, as the latter likes to call him sometimes, led us downstairs to his lab, where an old acquaintance, Zero, was waiting for us. She used to go by the name of Roll-chan, if I recall, but I don’t mind the change. In fact, it kinda suits her! ^__^

However, the 6th and final member has not arrived yet.

“Where’s the last member?” I asked.

N-finity and Chris looked at each other. To be honest, they were the only ones who, up to that point, knew who our ‘mysterious’ member truly was. Zero, Doc, and I had no clue as to whether he’s a guy…or a girl.

Suddenly, the alarms rang out, and a figure fell thru a chute and into a holding capsule right out of Mega Man X. Zero gasped in shock, and Doc’s eyes bugged out in horror.

As for myself… “What’s he doing here?!” I hissed, a feline growl growing in the back of my throat. My fingers acted like claws as I tensed up, ready to pounce should he make one move near me.

“He’s the 6th member,” N-finity stated.

What?!” The three of us yelped in surprise.

“Sorry, guys, but Moore wouldn’t leave N alone unless he came along,” Chris explained. Then, he chuckled and added, “Though, as you noticed, we took the proper arrangements for such a guy to journey with us to VideoLand.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Mark Moore demanded.

“Just to make sure you don’t get too frisky with the girls,” Chris grinned.

“Grrr…I’ll get you for this, Blair!”

“Sure, Commandant! Sure…”

“And stop calling me that name!!”

I couldn’t help laugh at that. It was too hilarious to keep penned up inside of me.

And that’s the point that we’re at. We have just hopped into the capsules, and are ready to go!

“Ohh, this is very exciting!” Zero grinned happily.

I couldn’t agree any more.

“Let’s hit the continue button and go, go, go!!” Doc pulled one of his funny moves. Trust my boy--I mean, the local Harry Potter look-a-like to use his own catch phrase…

“Let’s do this!” Chris nodded.

Moore just fumed a bit.

I smiled. “Hit it, N-finity!”

And off we go! Hopefully, when I write again, I’ll be in VideoLand. Ciao!



2:43PM VideoLand Standard Time


Wow…what a ride! And here we are--VideoLand! Oh, this is sooo exciting! And now I look like Roll from Marvel vs. Capcom! Whee! That means that I can kick butt and still look as cute as ever! ^__^ Chris has chosen Link--no surprise there. Doc…well, some may see him as nerdy, but he’s very bishonen as Bernard! Sigh! Zero looks like…well, Zero! N-finity has taken on the look of a gray-armor, helmet-less Mega Man, which is rather neat. And Moore…I’m actually amused that he’s in the rather fitting form of Dr. Wily.

“Ack! Pervert!!” I literally kick Moore away from me. “Don’t do that!!” Ecchi! He peaked beneath my skirt! Grrr…if he does that again, I swear that flesh and blood’s gonna fly!

Now that our local pervert has put ten feet between him and me, I, along with the rest of the crew, turn to N-finity.

“Where to first?” Chris asks.

“Doc’s choice,” N replies.

“Bath Bubble Babes!” Trust Moore to think with his dick…


“Elec Man!”


“Sailor Moon!” Yes, I like Sailor Moon, but the original version of the series was created for teens--not for elementary students, so there!

Doc’s choice!” N-finity yells.

“To Elec Man’s stage!” Arcade declares.

Typical Doc. Mega Man’s one of his fave heroes, ranking along side with Sonic and Mario. Not that I don’t like the Blue Bomber myself--he’s my #1 robo-hero! ^__^

And we’re gonna head on over to Elec Man’s stage on MegaLand! Ja ne!



3:17PM MegaLand Standard Time


Wow…this place is a lot cooler in person than it is on a TV screen. Trust Doc to pick a great place to visit! Yet, even now, I must remind myself that danger lurks around every corner. I’m glad I went with this version of Roll. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be truly able to hold my own in battle!

Though, one thing still bugs me. Doc could have chosen any other areas in MegaLand, but he’s chosen this place of all stages…

“So, why did you want to come here, Doc?” I ask him.

“It’s my favorite level from Mega Man 1,” he replies.

Sigh! He would answer it that way. And yet…I admire him for seeking out his favorite spots to fulfill his greatest dreams and deepest desires…

“I’m going to go defeat Elec Man, be back soon.” And Zero leaps off in the direction of the said Robot Master. I can’t help frowning at the fact that she went off on her own when we’re in enemy territory. Then again, she’s a big Mega Man fan, too. Plus, she’s got the body of Zero himself, so she won’t have much trouble fighting the evil robots. But still, I feel that we should go after her and at least make sure that our friend’s in one piece.

“Follow Zero?” Doc, you have read my mind.

“Yeah!” I nod.

“Why not?” Chris states.

“Sure.” N-finity shrugs.

I’m not sure, but I thought I heard Hentai Head muttering something about bubble babes.

And now, we’re off to follow Zero as she blazes a trail thru the area and to the deviously electrified Robot Master. Hmm…I wonder what would happen if Moore just happens to ‘accidentally’ fall into a bottomless pit…





Ugh!! Platform seriously suck, and I’m not talking about shoes, either! Doc’s not the only one that has gained newfound respect for our darling little blue hero--and no, Sonic, I’m not talking about you.

“Well, it’s better than doing nothing,” N-finity points out.

And Moore is still muttering about bath bubble babes! I swear, if he mentions such a thing one more time, I’ll--

Wait--he just got zapped off his platform! LOL!!

“Ugh…I hate getting killed…” Moore pops up on the same platform he fell from.

Dang it! N-finity must’ve activated the Extra Lives option before we teleported here! Not that I don’t mind, but he could’ve at least kept it off for Moore…

What am I saying?! He’s as much a member of this group as I am! Besides, we need some sort of distraction so that the big baddies wouldn’t shoot the rest of us! I guess that’s why N-Finity activated the Extra Lives option for Moore after all. Whew! If I hadn’t realized that, I might’ve done something drastic that might have killed him before he could be used as proper bait! Man, I’m glad I thought that whole thing over!

Ack! Even more ladders to climb! Man, I sooooo respect Mega-sama for what he has to go thru every single time he faces Wily and his evil horde!





No fair! Zero has already beaten Elec Man before we even got near his room! I wanted to whack him around a bit! I wanted to teach him what it’s like to face a weary gal with a serious case of PMS!

Wait…she said that it was too easy…way too easy… Well, for one thing, she’s in Zero form. But on the other hand…Elec Man’s the smartest and fastest of the first six Robot Masters. I wonder…if it was merely a test of what we can really do in our current bodies…but if that’s so…who on Earth could be testing us?

“Well, we’re off to another video world,” N-finity announces.

“Which one?” Zero asks

“Chris, your choice.”

“Castlevania, the Tower of Aljiba.” What? Not Hyrule? That’s a first for our group’s top Game Master!

“Specific, aren’t we?” N comments as he opens a warp to head to that land flowing with darkness and evil. Gulp! I suddenly feel very scared and very vulnerable. I hope we make it out alive! If this is the end…sayonara…



7:23PM Castlevania Standard Time


It’s a bit dark, but at least it’s sunset. That’s good. We still have time to wander around without worrying about facing any of Dracula’s goons and other sorts of monsters that might be here.

“Ah, Aljiba! I’m home!” What the…has Chris flipped his lid? I thought that Hyrule was his video home! “Vampires! Zombies! Big Killer Bats and Spiders!”

“What is he talking about?” My thought exactly, Zero.

“I’m not sure…” Oh, great. If Doc ain’t sure…

“The mighty Chris Blair has returned, Dracula! Dare you not to try and defeat me, again! Try and you shall surely perish!” I have to wonder if he’s been drinking sake and watching a lot of anime lately, ‘cause he’s talking like a cross between CN’s Simon Belmont and Amelia from Slayers!

“I think he wants to go to Honest Dave’s.”


What?!” I blurt out. “Is that what you’ve been ranting about all this time?”

“Nah! I just like being in Castlevania.” Chris grins like a schoolboy.

Sweatdrop time! “Ooooooh-kay…” I guess we’re off to Honest Dave’s then…whatever that might be…





Okay, now I understand! Honest Dave’s actually a weapon shop run by a guy named Honest Dave. Huh! Well, at least we’ll get fair prices for this stuff.

“Dave! Long time, no see!” Chris greets the shop owner.

“Who the bloody hell are you?” Dave asks.

“‘Tis I, your long time customer and friend, Chris Blair!” I guess he really does live up to his title of Captain N Neo.

“I’ve never seen you before in my life, sir.” Eh? What’s this?

“Come on! I bought a Morning Star here less than two weeks ago!” Chris protests.

“Chris, Morning Stars are sold in Ondal by Truthful Dan,” Doc points out.

“Oh, I’m sorry, then. Another time, Dave!” Chris bows in apology, then walks out with the rest of us.

“Looks like you need to keep better track of the stores you visit,” Mark chuckles gleefully. Chris glared at him for a few moments.

To be honest, I’ve found the situation amusing myself--until Moore spoke up about it.

“Hey, guys! Why don’t we explore these ruins while there’s still daylight?” I suggest to the whole group. Everyone looks at me in surprise, so I explain by stating, “We can find a few interesting items, like a couple of hidden flasks of holy water!”

Not even Moore can argue about that. Though…the real reason for heading over there is to try and get a chance to have at least 5 minutes with Doc for a little one-on-one talking…and perhaps something a little more…

And no, Moore is not rubbing off onto me! I just wanna know if our group scientist truly feels the same way I feel about him…and hopefully, he’ll express it thru Love’s First Kiss! ^________________^





Dang it! I can’t seem to get Doc and I out of sight from the rest of the group! Sigh… Oh, well! At least Zero’s a great scavenging partner! ;D We found about 3 flasks of Holy Water, some yummy food, and even a whip for Doc-kun!

When she and I rejoins the rest of the group, the sun has already set, and dusk is slowly slipping into full night. Yet, neither Doc nor Moore appears to be around. I just shrug, not really giving a whole lot of thought to it.

“Well, gang, it’s getting pretty dark,” N-finity comments.

“Yeah, we should probably get going,” I agree.

“Back to MegaLand for the night?” Chris pipes up.

Hell, yeah! I’m not gonna sleep here for da night!!

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Doc rejoins us.

Oh, my god! OMG! OMG!! Doc’s gone into his Golden Ninja Werewolf form! Kawaii!!! “Gooo…Doccy all big and furry…” My eyes are all sparkly now as my one true love stands tall under the lovely moonlight. Oh, Doccy-chan…

“Whoa, Doc! Like the change!” N looks Doc over.

As he opens the portal, I can’t help glaring at him in jealousy. Yet, if my honey-kins can impress a gay guy…

Well, we’re going thru the portal now…and we’re back in MegaLand, this time out in an area dotted with lovely trees. The stars are shining down on us from a cloud-free sky, and the moon glows in serene harmony.

“Where are we gonna sleep?” I ask N.

“Under the stars and beside this tree, Lisa.” Wow! I didn’t know N-finity could actually choose a spot that’s…romantic, in a way.

Mega night!” I tell the whole group.

“Mega night, Lisa.”

“Mega night?” Zero looks at me, confused.

“Night, night.” N-finity settles down on the grass.

“G’night,” Chris yawns and plops down next to him.

And here I am, snuggled up close to my favorite gamer. Moore’s rather quiet for once, and Doc’s curled out not more than an arm’s length from me. Heehee! Maybe either one or both of us might roll over in our sleep towards us and…

Well, good night!