N-fans—Special Logs


#1: Watashi No Tanjoubi


August 29, 2001

9:05AM VideoLand Standard Time

Guuuys! I need your lists now!” Mwoooouuu… How can I go shopping if I don’t have any of their lists?

“Hang on a sec, okay?” Sigh…all right, Bass…

Ah, here’s Zero, rushing down the stairs with her list! “Here ya go!” She gasps as she thrusts the sheet of paper into my hand.

“Thanks, Z. Breakfast is laid out on the table.”

“Cool!” 5…4…3…2…1… “Wow!!! You really outdid yourself, Lisa!” :D Hee, hee…looks like she likes the lil buffet I created this morning.

“Here’s my list!” It’s about time, Bass!

“And mine!” That’s 3 so far—Z, Bass, and D…

“Thanks, girls.”

“Don’t forget mine!”

…^^; “Ahhhh…thank you, Piney.” Oh, boy…I’m not sure if I really should get her that much yaoi doujinshi.

…Huh! “Hey, D! Where are the guys?”

“Oh, Ran’s finishing up his list,” Dynamo explains between bites of her pancake. “The others are in the Lab—I think…”

Sigh! “Figures…”

“Booyaka! Here’s my list, Lisa!”

J “Thank you, Ran. You can help yourself this morning.”

“Yay!” ~giggle~ He’s so much like a lil kid when’s he’s happy…

Now, let’s see… “I’m gonna go bug the guys for their shopping lists. Be back in a moment.” Hmmmm…Ran seems a little…hesitant about that…ah, well!


~Bang! Bang!~ “Guys! Shopping lists—now!”

“Ah, sh—“

~Crash! Boom!~

“Quick! Cover it up!”

I knew it…they’re working on something big…but what?

“Ah, g’morning, Lisa!”

Smile, girl—smile very innocently… “Why, good morning, Neil. I’m just here simply because…” Now drop the smile! “I need yer lists so that I could go shopping today!!”

“Oh! Oh, of course!” Neil sweatdrops. “Just…one moment…”

Hmmmm…door’s closed. And they’re whispering. To eavesdrop, or not to eavesdrop? That is…the question…. Awww, what the heck!

“…I’m not sure if we should just wait until this weekend to get our stuff.” N-finity…he sounds nervous…

“Give Lisa-chan lists so that she’ll be gone all day!” P-chan’s in there…

“Phoenix is right. She usually takes over half the day just to get all the stuff WE need, anyway. It’ll give us time to finish up our stuff.” And what stuff do you mean, Red?

“Problem is…we don’t have any lists on us. And—what are you doing, Doc?” That’s Mike…

“Making my list, of course!” :D Good ol’ Neil—always the sweetie to me. “I suggest the rest of you do the same as well, I’ll give our lists to Lisa, and we can continue on our…projects.”

Ah, yes. Those ‘projects’ that everyone have been working on since Saturday… Even Ran wouldn’t give me a hint as to what those…‘projects’ are all about! Sigh! Am I the only one in this Mansion who didn’t suddenly grow secretive over the weekend?!

“Here’s our lists!”

“Oh, thank you, Neil.” Smile, and he’ll never know what you heard… “I might not be back by dinner, so you can go ahead and order pizza or somethin’, okay?”

“Okay! I’ll see you tonight, then!” He quickly kisses me. “Take care.”

“I will. Bye!”


Sigh…despite his faults, he really is a wonderful guy for me. J Now, I’ll tell the girls and Ran what I told Neil-kun, and I’ll be off!




Sigh! I keep forgetting that housewives and old people go shopping around this time of day. Not only did I narrowly missed crashing my cart into another woman’s cart 5 times in the last 30 minutes alone, all the lanes except the express one had long lines! Mwoooouuuuu…

“Excuse me, miss. Is this yours?”

Ah—the new bottle of calcium pills! “Thank you, uh…” He looks awfully familiar…

“Lyle.” Lyle, Lyle…where did I see this guy before?

“Well, thank you, Mr. Lyle.” J Good—the lane in front of me is down to one customer now!

“That’s a lot of stuff for one little lady.”

^^;;; “Well, I do live with four other girls in the same place!”

“Ah, so you’re a college student?”

“Er…kinda…I’m more of an online type, know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I hear you. Oh, you can go ahead now.”

“Ah, thanks!” He seems like your normal nerdy guy doing his shopping trip…but his face…I know I saw it somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…





Wow! For a skinny guy, he’s got some strength in lifting a heavy bag of groceries! “Thank you for your help, Lyle.”

“No problem, Miss…”

“Fitzwater—Lisa Fitzwater.”

“Nice to meet you, Lisa.” He shakes my hand. “Uh, just wondering…why do you look like Roll?”

“Oh, I had a accident with synthetic hair dye.” Dramatic sigh to impress him… “My hair used to be a gorgeous oak-bark-brown. But now…” That’s it…show how upset I really am for not finding a way to turn my hair back to its natural color. “Now, people just see me as either a copy…or just another ‘dumb blonde’!”

“And you can’t find any synthetic hair dye for your natural hair color?”

“I don’t have the cash to bye another packet of ANY synthetic hair dye! I barely have enough to buy the food for my entire apartment, much less for the stuff I personally want!” And it’s true, to be honest! We are starting to run a little low on cash…I’m not sure that we can even pay off the water bill in a few weeks!

“Wow…” Lyle’s digging thru his pocket…and he’s bringing out thousands of VideoLand credits!! “Here, take this—you need it more than I do.”

“Ah…I…I can’t! I mean—“

“Lisa, I have more cash than I really need. And it seems that you and your friends are having trouble making ends meet. So it’s only fair if I give you my extra money.”

He’s just giving to me…without a second thought… What a Samarian! “Thank you…” Even now that I’m holding the cash, I can’t believe that he would actually give it up without any regrets!

“You’re welcome. Go ahead and spend some of it to buy some more synthetic dye to correct your problem.” He glances at the time. “Oh, I’d better get going—I gotta get the ice cream home before it melts.”

“I perfectly understand,” I giggle as I put my new cash into my wallet. “Thanks again, Lyle. I don’t think I’ll ever forget your kindness.”

“If you need any help, here’s my calling signal.” Huh…so this is the VideoLand version of a telephone number! “Take care, Lisa. Bye!”

“Bye, Lyle! And thanks!” Hnnnn…such a kind man…whoever’s gonna marry him is gonna be one lucky gal, that’s for sure! Now, to turn on the special cooling system Neil installed to make sure that none of the food spoils all day—and to keep my ice cream from melting!





Let’s see…I got Red’s PokeKit for the upcoming month. I also renewed Neil’s science magazines’ subscriptions, and got Ran his latest book on how communists should successfully do business with capitalists. Now, I need to get Zero and Dynamo’s shampoo…and mine, too. The Herbal Essence is getting a little low…

Huh? I thought I heard an explosion…

Oh, crap! It’s Mother Brain! I gotta get this car—and myself—out of her sight ASAP! It’s waaaaaaaay too early for any of us N-fans to deal with her!





Fhew! That was close! Good thing Samus Aran showed up with the N-team in time to keep her from noticing me and my lil vehicle. “Now, let’s see…oh, yeah! The shampoo! I’d better head to MegaLand to finish up my shopping…”




Ahhhhhh…lunch! God, I’m starved! ~Chomp~ Mmmmmmmm…nuthin’ like good ol’ chicken fillet and baby swiss on whole wheat bread!

Okay…I got the shampoo for all three of us girls who need it. I also got the music sheets Mike asked for, as well as… ^^;;; Well, at least Piney would be happy with these nice yaoi manga! Okay…last stuff to take care of is…huh! Webster and Phoenix want some incense and nice, romantic candles. ~leery grin~ Planning for a romantic evening, eh, boys?

Well, I’d better head on down to that magic shop down a couple of blocks to get those things! …After I finish my lunch, of course!





Ughhhhh… This just isn’t my afternoon.

Okay, getting caught in a magic battle wasn’t that bad—the dueling wizards were still novices, after all, so no major damage there. I can understand that some group of monsters from another world wants to conquer this world—plenty of resources, and ~shudder~ lots of young women to breed with.

But dealing with a drugged-up Forte who absolutely refuses to believe that I’m not Roll…that is where I draw the line! I mean, sure he was totally whacked out, so I could understand why his poetry wasn’t so great. But did he have to try and drag me to his new place to continue his lil serenade on me?! I mean, I got a boyfriend, already! Plus, I told him over and over again that I’m not his girl—hell, I’m not even a robot! But would he listen? Nooooooo!

So what does a girl like me had t’do? I had to kick the snot outta him to get him to leave me alone! Believe me, I trued to avoid those kind of confrontations, but…desperate times call for desperate measures.

At least I finally got all my shopping done—and with plenty of time to cook up tonight’s meal, too! J




“Guys, I’m home!”

…Where are they? And why is it so dark?

“Guys?” It doesn’t seem like we’ve been attacked… “Minna, doko da?”

Ah, here’s the light switch…

“SURPRISE!!!! Happy Birthday, Lisa!”

O_O “Oh my god…” Today is my birthday! I totally forgot!! “Guys…I…”

The dining room’s so well decorated—they even created the trademark ‘Happy Birthday’ banner! And all those presents, too! Mmmmmm…that cake sure looks delicious…

“It isn’t much, but we hoped that you like it.” Neil’s such a sweetie like always…

“Like it? I love it! Oh, thank you, guys! Thank you so much!”




New anime, new music, more books…and my first taste of real alcohol! Well, it was Zero’s idea to give me a little sake for the hell of it. Still…she found a good batch of it, to my amazement.

And the homemade presents! I love the Russian cap and scarf Ran made for me. And Phoenix’s gift of an endless bowl of cupcake is…well, very tempting, to say the least! And Red…he actually gave me a badge that he personally created…one that shows that I’m a Pocket Bishonen trainer at heart! ^^

But the best gift…came from Neil… He gave me a pendant—one that he created with Web’s help. It’s silver with inlaid jewels…and a message engraved on the back: “To Lisa, the one woman I truly love: May you always walk in fields of gold, and among the stars. From your ‘Wolfie’, Neil Coleman.”

“Well?” Speak of the devil…or should I say, angel?

“It’s beautiful…the most beautiful thing I ever had…” Happy tears stream down my face as I gaze into his puppy-dog eyes. “Thank you, Neil-kun.”

His arms are so gentle…his embrace soft and warm… “Happy Birthday, my little angel,” he whispers into my ear.

Yes…Happy 18th birthday to me, indeed…