Journal of N

Records from the mind of

Christopher Blair


Day Unknown


            I thought I was dead...I'm sure the others must figure I am, after what happened. Ganon was freed, and I had no choice but to fight him, using something I had hoped I never would have to.

            My name is...or perhaps was...Christopher Blair, known to some of my friends as Captain N Neo. It wasn't planned that it would end like it did, that Ganon, the Lord of Darkness, would use Mark Moore as a conduit into the mortal plane after who knows how long floating in his prison of the neatherealm.

            Perhaps it was for the better that it was me who faced Ganon. I'm the only one who had any real 'magic' ability of the team, though I have to say my power that I used was something more than magic. I'm the only one who had the heart to even think of stopping him, the only one who could do it while sparing others. Maybe that's why I survived, even if barely.

            I don't know what day it was in this universe where I landed after using that blast, which I, for lack of a better word, call for now, "Holy Rain". I don't know how long I was lying there, but I was found, and taken to where I could get some help. As I found out later, I should have by all rights already been dead, but something kept me alive.

            I told Ganon before I cast Holy Rain that I had learned I was more than human...I suppose now, it can be said I'm not human anymore. I'm a cyborg now...over sixty-five percent of my body had to be replaced with mechanics just so I could live. I suppose the fact I'm even still alive is a miracle, but the fact that I still have my powers, unused from now on that they are, is obviously the work of a higher being.

            It's been two days since I came out of unconsciouness and discovered what had happened to me. My memory is still pocked with gaps of what exactly happened after I trapped Ganon in that void, but what I do remember, I had to have taken him out. Nothing could survive the business end of that blast, and it nearly killed me being on the sending side of it. I can only hope that the nightmare I averted won't come back.

            X and Zero - yes, Megaman X and Zero - were the ones that found me. At first, Zero thought I was just the victim of another Maverick attack, but when they learned what happened...well, let's just say he's got a broader view of things. They told me what little they knew, and I filled in what I could of the whole thing, right up to when I grabbed Ganon and jumped into that vortex.

            I suppose that I should give up hope of ever going home to Terra, of ever seeing Maya again. I'm not who I was anymore, nor can I ever even try to be. I'm not Chris Blair anymore, save in name. X and Zero have tried to give me hope that they can find the spacial coordinates of my home universe, but I doubt it. My body was flung through a distortion of space and time, and back tracking the path will be impossible.

            I don't know how my new life will go right now, save that I have considered taking a new name. Maybe Aznable...always was a big Char fan, and the armoring of my body certainly warrents the name "Red Comet", a nice red color. I don't know right now, maybe I won't for a while. All I know is, that I'm going to try and finished what I started with Ganon, and hope to God or whatever deities of good there are that Dragmire doesn't get loose again, or the nightmare I barely halted will come to pass.

            Ganon's last words before the blast hit him still haunt my dreams. I worry that he may make them come true. "Even with this, I shall return, and you will never even be able to see the destruction I shall bring coming before you die by my hand." It frightens me in a way, that I now am the top of Ganon's hit list, probably even more so than Link and Zelda. His words before I sent us both into that void though, those frighten me most, even more than being Ganon's greatest hate.

            "I have come to fulfill the darkest of Prophecies, the most feared of foretold events. I come to bring about the Silencing."


            Oyasuminasai...may my dreams for once, be of my life before all this, and not of the nightmare that could come to pass.