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N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Webster Swenson

      Originator of the voyage which originally brought the first six N-fans to Videoland, Webster Swenson, also known as N-finity, is the sometimes serious, sometimes unsure, sometimes chaotic and uneffable leader of Team Blue. He has a blaster, although he has yet to use it against anything beyond the forces of the catacombs of Castlevania, and hopes that he shall never have to. He loves his Pchan very much and is so very happy to have him on Team Blue.
      Webster underwent a slight transformation during the showdown with different aspects of his psyche. He is a bit stronger now and slightly more resolved, as the different aspects of his psyche made manifest have caused him to change after the phantasmogoric showdown within the Labyrinth, depsite that they are still no longer an integrated part of him. He enjoys talking with the Moocows about matters philosophical and scientific as well.
N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Webster Swenson
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