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N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Moocow

      Moo-Cow Moocow - Just call him Moo-Cow or Moocow, he responds to either - was summoned by Phoenix. He is a moocow; specifically he is a blue one. Phoenix rides him a lot and they moo together. Like a faithful and loyal friend, Moo-Cow is always there when Phoenix needs him. As Phoenix has said, "Moocow is Love!"

      Moo-Cow is also an artist and writer, as well as being a philosopher. He enjoys oil pastels and watercolors above all other forms of art expression, but he is experienced in just about all kinds. He's not bad at maths and sciences, but he prefers art and similar things because he likes hoofs-on work. He likes long walks in green grass that he can eat.
N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Moocow
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