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N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Disco Duck

      Disco Duck was once a mild-mannered college student until an encounter with the lovely but deadly Magica de Spell changed his life forever. Taking pity upon the shy young man, she turned him into Disco Duck, he who all the ladies call treetop lover and all the men just call Sir! After becoming a law-enforcement officer, much like his hero Shaft, he became a vigilantie and hooked up with Van, Zabgoth and Emerald X. With these fine young men, the community-service organization called The Disco Crew was formed. Immediately they set to work on ridding River City of its gang infestation with compassion, love and Emerald X's handy blaster.*

*Most of this is not true. Disco Duck wrote it. Don't believe it. Please.
N-Fans: The Series - Biography - Disco Duck
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